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Emergency Medicine Divisional Research Committee (EMDRC)

All research (degree and non-degree) within the Division of Emergency Medicine must pass through the Research Committee, which is a formally established subcommittee of UCT's Department of Surgery Research Committee. The research pathway is shown in the figure

SummaryProposalEthic committeeFacility approval

Note: Facility approval is not required in all cases.

Use these links to access the correct application form:  

Using this submission portal will ensure efficient review of your submissions. From time to time the application forms may be updated so always download the current forms for each submission.  If you are unsure, please contact the EMDRC chair or ask your supervisor for guidance.

Students and faculty from both Divisions of Emergency Medicine, including those conducting non-degree research, will use the same links to access the application forms.


  • Do I have to submit the EMDRC.A (summary) before an EMDRC.B (proposal) application?

    Yes. A motivation to bypass the summary step can be made by the supervisor (degree research) or principal investigator (non-degree research).  The decision to accept a motivation is at the discretion of the EMDRC chair who will have to justify any waiver to the EMDRC.

  • Can I motivate for an expedited review?

    Researchers can submit a motivation for a fast-track review outside of the standard EMDRC submission deadlines if extraordinary pressures necessitate a quicker turn-around. Students should note that they cannot make a motivation for fast-tracking, although their supervisors are allowed to motivate on their behalf.  The decision to accept a motivation is at the discretion of the EMDRC chair.


Committee details

The EMDRC meets on the first Wednesday of the month to discuss the quality, feasibility and appropriateness of research projects submitted for review.  Current EMDRC members are: Beatrix Bester, Charmaine Cunningham, Heike Geduld, Clint Hendrikse, Peter Hodkinson, Waseela Khan, Heinrich Lamprecht, Sue le Roux, Michael McCaul, Vathiswa Mzamo (secretary), Sanjeev Rambharose, Colleen Saunders (chair), Wayne Smith, Willem Stassen, Elzarie Theron, Lee Wallis and Craig Wylie.  Other faculty members and senior students may occasionally be asked to act as expert reviewers for the EMDRC.