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Proposal stage

Proposals should only be submitted for review following approval of a research summary (EMDRC.A) or a formal summary waiver in writing from the EMDRC chairperson.  If you are a student, please ensure that your primary supervisor has reviewed your proposal and approved it for submission. We will confirm with them that they are aware of the submission prior to processing it.

Need help preparing your research proposal? Please consult our proposal guidance page on Vula.

How to submit your proposal:

  • Download the current EMDRC.B submission form.
  • Complete the form paying attention to all required fields.  Incomplete forms will be referred back to you for completion before processing. Please also remember to check your spelling and grammar!

Checklist for proposal submission:

  • Completed EMDRC.B form
  • Full proposal approved by your supervisors
  • Appendices including data collection sheets or surveys, informed consent forms and preliminary letters of permission that may be required.
  • An abridged Memorandum of Understanding (ACA47b) completed between you and your supervisory team, if you have not submitted one already
  • If you are resubmitting a revised proposal, you must include a cover letter outlining how you have addressed the reviewers previous comments. We recommend you download and use this resubmission cover letter template.