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Summary stage

The summary is a 1-2 page document that outlines your research idea (sometimes called the “1-pager”). This submission should be made by the student for degree related research, or the principal investigator for non-degree research.

For degree related research, it is not required to have confirmed supervisors at the summary submission stage, but we strongly advise that you consult with your program coordinator or a potential supervisor before submission to EMDRC.  If you do list supervisors on your submission, we will confirm with them that they are aware of the submission prior to reviewing it.

How to submit your summary:

  • Download the current EMDRC.A submission form (If you are registering for a PhD, please use the PhD specific EMDRC.A form)
  • Complete the form paying attention to all required fields.  Incomplete forms will be referred back to you for completion before processing. Please also remember to check your spelling and grammar!
  • If you are resubmitting a revised summary, please make sure that you indicate the EMDRC reference number on the EMDRC.A form, and that you include a cover letter outlining how you have addressed the reviewers previous comments. We recommend you download and use this resubmission cover letter template.