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GEM-CARN collaborators

The GEM-CARN project is led by co-PIs Professor Fiona Lecky, Professor Lee Wallis, Professor Sujan Marahatta, Dr Teri Reynolds, Professor Mohamed El-Shinawi, and Dr Ishtar Govia.

  • PI Professor Fiona Lecky

    Centre for Urgent and Emergency Care Research, School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield, UK

    Janette Turner, Prof Steve Goodacre, Dr Gordon Fuller, Dr Ian Sammy (Health Services Research, School of Health and Related Research)
    Dr Andrew Lee, Julie Balen (Public Health, School of Health and Related Research)




  • Partner 1:     Professor Lee Wallis
    Division of Emergency Medicine, University of Cape Town, South Africa

    Dr Willem Stassen, Dr Colleen Saunders, Prof Heike Geduld, Dr Shaheem de Vries, Elzarie Theron

    Partnership history  
     Professors Wallis and Lecky (ScHARR) have collaborated for some years on Global Health studies aimed at improving trauma care. We have;
    1.    Received Newton Grant (MRC) funding to run a successfully rated Injury Research Workshop at the African Federation for Emergency Medicine Conference (Cairo 2016).

    2.    Published papers using data from the national UK Trauma Registry

    • Trauma Audit and Research Network (www.tarn.ac.uk) of which FL is research director - which have improved major incident triage and understanding of the cardiovascular response to injury.
    •  Vassallo, J., Smith, J., Bouamra, O., Lecky, F., & Wallis, L. A. (2017). The civilian validation of the Modified Physiological Triage Tool (MPTT): an evidence-based approach to primary major incident triage. Emerg Med J. doi:10.1136/emermed-2017-206647
    • Bruijns, S. R., Guly, H. R., Bouamra, O., Lecky, F., & Wallis, L. A. (2014). The value of the difference between ED and prehospital vital signs in predicting outcome in trauma. Emergency Medicine Journal, 31(7), 579-582. doi:10.1136/emermed-2012-202271
    • Bruijns, S. R., Guly, H. R., Bouamra, O., Lecky, F., & Wallis, L. A. (2013). Heart rate and systolic blood pressure in patients with minor to moderate, non-haemorrhagic injury versus normal controls. Emergency Medicine Journal, 30(11), 901-905. doi:10.1136/emermed-2012-201760

    PIs research profile



  • Partner 2:     Professor Sujan Marahatta
    Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences, Kathmandu (Epidemiology), Nepal

    Partner 2: Partnership history    
    Prof Marahatta brings policy and public health based LMIC emergency care research expertise to GEM-CARN with a disaster management focus. Prof Marahatta has already established collaboration with Andrew Lee in ScHARR in this regard, with publications. He is principal investigator in “Policy analysis of disaster management in Nepal”.



  • Partner 3: Dr Teri Reynolds, World Health Organization
    (Department for Clinical Services and Systems Integrated Health Services)

    Partner 3: Partnership history    
    Dr Reynolds is an Emergency Physician with a background of working in Emergency Care Systems in low resource settings, she has led this WHO programme since 2015. She has previously collaborated with Prof Lecky (ScHARR), Prof Wallis and Prof Shinawi (GEM-CARN co applicants) in the Newton funded Injury Research Workshop – African Federation for Emergency Medicine – Cairo 2016, and in the development of a Global Injury Minimum Data Set for Hospital Care.

    At the WHO Dr Reynolds has initiated a programme of Emergency Care System Assessments (ECSA) with national Ministries of Health. These have been completed within South Africa, Egypt, Tanzania, Uganda, and Nepal and is planned in Jamaica. These WHO ECSA action plans for improving Emergency Care are consensus based and currently lack context specific research to inform the planning and evaluation of initiatives such as the WHO Emergency Care Toolkit (Basic Emergency Care Course, Essential Resources for Emergency Care, Triage tool, Standardised clinical charts, and Medical and Trauma Care Checklists).


  • Partner 4:  Professor Mohamed El-Shinawi
    Ain Shams University, Cairo (General Surgery), Egypt

    Partner 4: Partnership history    
    Prof Shinawi with FL (ScHARR) and LW (UCT) were funded by a Newton Grant to deliver a successful Injury Research Workshop at the African Federation for Emergency Medicine meeting in 2016 (Cairo).



  • Partner 5:     Dr Ishtar Govia
    University of the West Indies Mona Campus (Caribbean Institute for Health Research ), Jamaica

    Partner 5: Partnership history
    Dr Govia is a research psychologist, specializing in mixed methods and implementation science, with extensive experience of multi- country research partnerships including with Julie Balen at ScHARR.



The GEM-CARN project is predominantly funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund (Round 1) under Research England’s Quality Related strategic funding, and we gratefully acknowledge this support.

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